Why We Exist

Teachers across the world work very hard to prepare and inspire the next generation of thinkers, leaders, innovators, creative problem solvers and entrepreneurs. Children in your classrooms come from different backgrounds, have diverse sets of experiences, abilities, interests and various world views.

Your students’ complex identities, paired with the changes in how they receive, interpret and manage information, means that the “one-size-fits-all” prototype of education doesn’t work. Personalised learning is the response, wherein we design engaging learning experiences customised to each learner’s strengths, needs, interests and passions.

At Korroboree will share classroom practices to personalise learning, your role to achieve it, strategies for a learner centric classroom, social emotional skills and habits of mind that learners will need in the present and in future, create flexible learning spaces to impact learning.

We will empower educators to engage each student’s unique learning style, personal strengths, passion, potential and purpose while ensuring high expectations for academic growth and life success. We will empower you to spark a generation of confident, curious and skilled lifelong learners ready to contribute to their communities by solving real world challenges.

How We Will Make a Difference

We constantly contemplate on a relevant question - What will the learning landscape look like in the future?
We have predicted the change, explored strategic possibilities to create better learning experiences for all learners. We will always forecast the future of teaching and learning to ensure success for students, today.

Research has indicated the skills our learners will require to thrive in the future – social emotional skills like self -regulation, empathy, knowledge of self, resilience, persistence, critical thinking, digital literacy and so on.

As you explore the future of learning with us, we will invite you to release your imagination to create a learning community. We will jointly consider new possibilities for enriching learning experiences for students and discover how we can create a better future for all learners.

Inform and Guide

‘Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.’ –Paulo Coelho

What We Offer

We are enthusiastic about infusing innovation in education. At Korroboree you will be empowered to become an innovative teacher through discussions with thought leadership, participate in professional development courses, resource curation, webinars, podcasts, collaborate with experts across the world to imbibe the best practices.

We will provide you with learning experiences for personal and professional growth leading to self- mastery based on andragogy (adult learning principles). There will be experts available for interviews, speaking engagements and workshops. As we proceed in our journey of maximising the teaching – learning potential in each one of you, we will have a library of latest research papers, publications, infographics and tools contributed by all of us.

Digital Learning
Self-paced Courses
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