Why We Exist

Today's world exists as an epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression. We have a growing awareness that it is essential to build the correct heart and mind muscles to live healthy, happy and meaningful lives. Formal education still has a focus on the misguided application of standardised learning and testing developed for a world that no longer exists.

We exist to excite parents to embrace an inside-out version of success. One that looks to spark a child's natural curiosity, areas of interest and talent. We exist to help parents see the 'why' learning and the notion of education and human development needs to change.

The mission is an expansion of thinking, mindful contemplation, and a shift from parenting for our children to survive to parenting for our children to thrive and in the process, creating a sustainable, peaceful, and abundant world.

How We Will Make a Difference

We are here to provide parents with a selection of tools and resources to select from based on their child's age and stage and areas of interest. Henry Ford said, 'If I had asked the people what they want they would have said faster horses'. In the area of education and development we have so far been trying to build 'faster horses'.

What the world has experienced has woken many parents up to the understanding that making incremental shifts or trying to fix a broken system is not the way forward. Using technology learning can be more personalised and more engaging. Also, all the qualities that we want to see and develop in our children, we need to inculcate them in ourselves first so that they can learn by example.

This includes qualities of resilience, self-regulation, perseverance, ability to cope with stress and failure, etc., which should reflect in our day to day life so that our children can learn from us and mirror those same qualities in their life.

Inform and Guide

We bring the greatest thought leaders and a wealth of information in the area of the neuroscience, energy science and behavioural science to help parents understand and guide their parenting. This will give parents a better understanding of the engineering of life and humankind.

We also bring to parents information about why the parenting mindset of the previous era has to be displaced. In addition we will bring information to build awareness about the changing nature of the world and the future skills children will need to succeed in this future world. Armed with this wisdom parents can parent their children to be successful, purposeful, help them find meaning, fulfillment and happiness.

What We Offer

We provide you with blogs, videos, journals and courses that bring about an awareness of what your children need to thrive in the new world. A positive byproduct of this is that you will also see a shift in your own mindset and develop new ways of thinking and being that will bring your greater success, happiness and fulfillment.

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Self-paced Courses
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