Moonshot Conversations

Moonshot Conversations began in the midst of one of the greatest paradigm shifts in history. A time that clearly communicated to all of humanity that we need a new direction of thinking and being. Moonshot Conversations encourages a 10X multiplier in moonshot thinking with a single mandate of 'bringing forth with intention energy to set a pathway of this new direction'.

Each conversation speaks to parents and teachers on how we can hack the brain's goals and break away from disempowering thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that don't allow us to live our best life. The pandemic has taught us that we need less math, history, and geography and more learning about how the brain works, how it can be motivated, and how to create neural circuitry that can help every individual to create the best version of themselves. Each conversation is charged with all the research work I have done in the area of neuroscience and behavioural science.

We aspire for all children to grow up believing and knowing that anything and everything is possible. We have designed digital reflection journals that will not only help parents and teachers work with children in a way that empowers them to be the best version of themselves, it also will inspire new ways of thinking and overcoming any limiting beliefs that parents and teachers may have formed as they were being parented and taught. Your inner voice was formed as you were growing up and being told what to think, how to behave and how to value yourself. If you formed stories about yourself in this process that are holding you back, Moonshot Conversations will encourage you to see yourself in a new light and help you form more empowering stories. In the process we together can be mindful that our children grow up with stories that help them grow up to be intrinsically motivated visionaries wanting to play their role in making this world kinder, more peaceful and abundant.

Moonshot Conversations are great interactions between Agnelorajesh Athaide and myself. We have also successfully hosted global experts (Jacqueline Way, Sallyann Della Casa, Andrew Newman, Jill Murray) elevating the conversation with their presence and empowering thoughts in making the world a happier place. These conversations have garnered nearly 32 million views to date.