The Learning Emporium is excited to collaborate with Kidescience as a learning partner

Science is often considered as an abstract subject. whereas the reality is that we observe it all around us. Everthing in the real world has science as a concrete experience, right from our kitchen to the garden, school playground and beyond.

Research states that encouraging young learners to experiment in their natural surroundings through play sows the seeds for scientific literacy. This helps them to become 'Critical Thinkers' and 'Problem Solvers'.

Young children are primed for hands-on learning. Science allows them to develop life skills like inquiry, communication, perseverance, organisation and so on.

Korroboree has collaborated with 'Kide Science' a Finland-based company that believes that science is childs play.

With that thought in mind, they have researched and designed playful science lessons for 3-8 year-olds with online guidance for teachers and parents. They support a child's scientific thinking process through play based learning.

What Kids Science offers


We train you step by step on how to master STEAM pedagogy. We want you to feel confident when introducing scientific thinking for young children.

Lesson Plans

We provide you with top-quality lesson materials that include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips and equiment lists for each lesson. Just plug and play!

Peer Support

There is always a helping hand if you need one. You can ask and learn from our global Kide Science Community and from our STEAM experts in Finland.

Watch this video to see how learning science in your home or school environment is easy and fun.